Parental Restrictions on Home Wi-Fi Networks

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Wireless Parental Control

Internet security for the family is an essential consideration. In this article we are looking at Parental Restrictions and How you can keep your family safe as internet enabled devices are the norm.

All too often online games are blamed for exposing children to inappropriate internet sites.  Whilst it can be true in some cases and parents should research children’s games which are known for this, it is also important to set up parental restrictions on your Wi-Fi.

Having adequate parental controls will allow you to protect your family from inappropriate content.  There are also settings which can restrict access for specific devices to set times.

Parents who have concerns that youngsters are playing online after bedtime can set a parental restriction to cease access at, for example, 7.30pm.

For those days when you are trying to have a technology detox, but school requires homework access to the internet, it can be specified at 3.00-6.00pm to cater for both.

The question is, “HOW”.

Many internet security programs have this feature included, so be sure to check the software you may already have.

Alternatively, there are several apps or programs that are available online for free which are very effective for this purpose.  Checking the reviews online will help your selection of the most suitable for your needs.

If you still require assistance, please contact us online, on facebook or give the office a call on 07 4939 3590 and we can arrange a technician to take care of this for you.

Whichever option you choose, the safety of your family is paramount, so, if you don’t have Parental Restrictions set up on your Wi-Fi Network, then you should make this a priority.