Business IT Services


To run any business, you need reliable, well supported, hardware. If you are starting a retail business, we do POS systems; adding a weighbridge site, we have you covered; needing a server to manage employees, remote staff and software to run your company, we have the right solution and team to supply, configure and support you in your venture.


When you need a server, we have you covered. We have experience with small business setups managing less than 5 users, all way up to multi-site companies that could support over 100 users needing remote access and email storage. We can tailor a package to meet your needs and happily work with your software companies to make sure the hardware exceeds the software requirements.

Many PC suppliers sell home grade hardware, messy third party warranties and stick a “custom business PC” label on it. We insist on using Tier 1 business grade, reliable and warranty covered servers and workstations. Almost all our recommended solutions can be configured with 1 to 5 years’ warranty that will see a technician onsite, repairing your machine next day in the event of a hardware failure.