Server Maintenance – Why is it important?

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server maintenance

Did you know that without regular server maintenance, a build-up of dust can slow down your server and increase its running temperature? Not only is this a potential hazard, but overtime this can cause your server to fail without warning.

Servers are tasked with the ultimate job of managing, storing and processing your company data all day, every day. As such, it is extremely important that you schedule routine cleans to help maintain their health and functionality. Doing so not only keeps them running as intended, but it can also extend their life. By increasing your server’s life span, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in prevented damages and complete replacement.

Server maintenance is the crucial process of keeping a server updated and running optimally to avoid down time and loss of data, as well as ensuring that your business’ computer network is running as intended. Regular server maintenance can boost server productivity thus boosting business productivity. Maintenance should be carried out regularly to maintain security and to ensure long-term server health and functionality.


Below are a few points that we cover when maintaining your server. Some of this is monitored by software and managed automatically, others require onsite visits and physical assessment.

Server Maintenance Checklist

  • Physical cleaning of internal components – removing dust and build-up
  • Regular data backup
  • Software updates & patches
    • Check antivirus configuration & updates
    • Check remote management tools
  • Security review
    • Review current user accounts and password strength enforcement
    • Checking server logs for security alerts or evidence of hacking attempts
    • Check folder permissions
  • Monitor server utilisation
  • Check hardware functionality
    • Temperature checks & management
  • Ensure adequate redundancy of systems
  • Review disk usage

The above items are just some of the items we check regularly as a part of our maintenance contracts. Some of this can be set up to happen automatically and report back any errors. Others in the list do require physical access to your hardware.

If you are wanting to avoid potential downtime, talk to us today to set up a server maintenance contract and see your business run smoothly with less interruptions to your workday. You can also see our latest news on our facebook page.