Support Contracts & Telstra Platinum – What is It?

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Support Contracts and Telstra Platinum

There are a number of benefits to having home support contracts, but sometimes you don’t know what you might be up for. In this article I will be sharing a little on what that line “Telstra Platinum Subscription” really means on your bill.

What are home support contracts?

Some of you may be thinking, “Awesome, who can I pay to help around my house?”. I’m sorry, but that’s not the case. Having a home support contract means is you are paying a regular payment to a company for their services. Business Support contracts and Home IT Support contracts are available at Infin Net and both vary in what services are offered.

So, what about Telstra?

You may think that Telstra are simply a telecommunications company, but they are becoming so much more. Recently they are branching out and sometimes pushing you to pay for a service you may not want. Introducing “Telstra Platinum”. This is Telstra’s support service to help you with Tech related issues over the phone. They can also do on-site service, but there is a catch (and a fee).

They have been adding Telstra Platinum in their bundles for a while now. Recently though, to get any help over the phone that is not directly related to an issue their end, they are requiring clients to sign up for 24 months at $15/month just to get the issue resolved. For some that seems ok, to pay $15 and get your issue fixed, but when you do the maths, it really adds up.

The Maths

If you were to have only one issue in two years that you needed to call Telstra for, you would have paid $360 over two years just for one simple issue. Not to mention, if they can not fix your issue over the phone, there is a $240 call out fee that is to be paid FIRST before they issue a technician. That would be $600 to get one issue fixed, and that is a minimum. With a call out, the extra bit they also don’t mention is that they actually pay less than half that to the third-party end technician to come to your house and do the job. This technician is usually a local business that you could have called yourself and got faster service and a much lower bill.

Telstra Platinum looks to be more about making money for Telstra than it is of providing a service for their customers.

An Example

We have put together and quick little table of an example situation comparing Telstra’s Platinum support and what you could expect from a local IT company. In this example, the following has happened:

  1. The customer has called for support
  2. Spoke with a Technician to explain the issue
  3. Tech logged in and troubleshoot the issue remotely
  4. Being unable to resolve remotely, has scheduled an onsite visit
  5. Technician has attended onsite and resolved the issue
Stage Telstra

Local IT Company

1.       Phone Support Waited 15mins+ on hold waiting for a technician and eventually was able to get through and explain the issue. Call is answered straight away, job is logged in system and you are put through to an available technician.
2.       Spoke with Tech Explained issue a number of times to different levels and were advised that they would put you through to another tech to log in and solve the problem. Spoke with technician who has decided the issue can be troubleshooted remotely.
3.       Remote Support Technician logs in and tries to resolve issue but needs to arrange onsite visit. (30mins) That same tech talks you through connection process and logs in to your computer, tries a few known resolutions but an onsite visit is required. (30mins)
4.       Schedule Onsite Visit Onsite fee of $240 is required before appointment is scheduled. Technician will be there in 2-3 days. Job is scheduled for onsite attendance in the next available slot (possibly even same day)
5.       Onsite Visit Technician arrives with limited knowledge of previous conversations with Telstra Support and starts troubleshooting process again. Issue is resolved and Job is completed. (1-2hrs) Same technician arrives onsite and continues work and resolves issue. (45mins Onsite)
TOTAL TIME TO COMPLETION 3-4 business days (1.5-3hrs work time) 1-2 business days (1.5hrs work time)
TOTAL COST OF JOB $240 + $15 per month for 2 YEARS after the issue is resolved!

That’s $600 total.

Remote $60 + $130 Onsite Fee = $190 no more to pay!


Is there anything good about it?

Yes, the fact that you can call 24/7 with an issue and know you will get someone to help on the phone is a great feature. You may find its rare the times you actually need service outside of your Local IT businesses hours. Your local IT could also provide after-hours support – give them a call and see.

So, what do you do?

Firstly, you can talk with Telstra if you have already got that item on your bill. Our suggestion is that when ever you have an issue – call your local IT support. If they are a good business they will advise you to call Telstra if the issue is genuinely Telstra’s problem.

What support contracts do we offer?

At Infin Net we love to be able to support our local community and businesses through regular support contracts. If you are simply needing phone support every now and then, we have our basic Home Support contracts that include a yearly full service. If you need a little more support or you are a local business, we can tailor a contract to suit your requirements. It can be simply just keeping an eye on your backups and resolving any failure issues. If you need we can go all the way up to an all-you-can-eat contract that allows you to rely on us to resolve unlimited issues for a monthly fee.

Contact us today on our contact page or follow our facebook page for our latest articles and updates. Use your local IT business, support local first.