Branding – Don’t expect people to just come back!

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There are many reasons why branding is important but here we are going to look at 3 main reasons and what you can do about it. You know you need a business name, but let’s look at some other important branding factors you may not have realised – Emails, Invoicing and Websites.

Branding is exactly that, branding. An image for your business that is to stick in the client’s head so they can remember you and keep coming back. Its also what people see on others and makes new customers come check out your great products.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, Websites.

Websites and an Online Presence

Most people realise these days that a website, or some sort of web presence is important to gain and retain customers. Websites are great to hold a lot of important information about your businesses and what you can offer potential clients.

A key word here is “potential”. Website are not only for those who know about your businesses and keep coming back. Websites are about having the right information, answering the right questions, so that Google can recommend you to people all around the world.

A big part of your website is making sure your content is delivered in a way that both humans AND computers can read. You might have a website with excellent pictures, but with no descriptions, Google just sees a link to a file. This is just one of many points to look out for when developing a website. Talk to a reputable web designer today and make sure your site is SEO friendly and contains content that people actually want to read. Websites are branding.

Emails and Domains

Another great mistake people make is with their emails. Many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) will give you an email address with your new NBN or internet account, that doesn’t mean you should use it. Especially when it comes to businesses.

If you have a business selling fresh fruit, why would you want to advertise Bigpond, Hotmail or anyone else, EVERY TIME you send an email. That is exactly what you are doing. If you are using the “free” email account that comes with your service, all you are doing is giving your ISP free advertising potentially 100’s of times a day.

It is very important when running a business that you purchase a relevant domain name. A domain name is the address you put in to get to your website, or the part that comes after the @ in an email address. A Good domain name not only gives you a starting point online but also stops your competitors from registering your domain name and taking your customers.

We at Infin Net have a domain name of and it is short simple and is exactly our business name. Getting a domain name can be as little as $42 and is easy to start using. Talk to us about the many ways you can use your domain name to work for you in proper branding.

Invoicing and Quotes

An area of branding that people may not realise its importance is how you present your invoices and quotes. A major factor in sending an invoice is readability and security. Have a large quote for a job is great for business, but if the client can simply open it in Microsoft Word or Excel and edit the figures – it’s a major liability.

There are many great templates and programs that can handle your quoting and invoicing needs. Sure, it may be easy to use that Word template you have always had and change the customer details and pricing. The problem is, it is too easy to forget to change something on the template and accidentally send the wrong information to your client.

Choosing a good accounting package and customer relationship management (CRM) program is step one to seeing your business succeed. Having all the information available and being able to quickly see the history of a client is important. Its no use having a folder of all the quotes and invoices you ever sent to a client and having to open them and check when you last sold an item to them.

Don’t let Branding be your Downfall

Branding is not only about emails, invoicing and websites, there is much more to it, but these are a few big points that a lot of businesses forget to check. You can’t expect people to come back purely because they bought one thing from you. Getting your name in the view of your customers and making your content easy to consume is a great way to improve customer retention.

We are not perfect – I don’t believe any business could be when it comes to branding. Businesses spend massive amounts on branding every year. Don’t let these simple, and relatively inexpensive, ways prevent your business from succeeding. Talk to us today and see how we can help with your branding needs.

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