Parental Restrictions on Home Wi-Fi Networks

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Wireless Parental Control

Internet security for the family is an essential consideration. In this article we are looking at Parental Restrictions and How you can keep your family safe as internet enabled devices are the norm. All too often online games are blamed for exposing children to inappropriate internet sites.  Whilst it can be true in some cases and parents should research children’s games which are known for this, it is also important to set up parental restrictions on your Wi-Fi. Having adequate parental controls will allow you to protect your family from inappropriate content.  There are also settings which can restrict access for specific devices to set times. Parents who have concerns that youngsters are playing online after bedtime can set a parental restriction to cease access at, for example, 7.30pm. For those days when you are trying to have a technology detox, but school requires homework access to the internet, it can be … Read More

What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

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What is 2.4GHz and What is 5GHz? Here’s a simple breakdown of what those numbers on your device mean. I recently made the changeover to NBN and in doing so I noticed something that I hadn’t seen with our previous wireless setup, I now have two wireless connection options show for one device. I can now connect my mobile phone to my Telstra modem using either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. My phone automatically suggested the 5G connection but I didn’t really understand the difference until I spoke to our technicians and once they explained it to me I am now armed with knowledge to help me make the best choice for the connection I need depending on my circumstances. I consider myself moderately tech savvy so I wondered: “If I wasn’t clear on the differences in my wireless connection options, how many other people might not be aware of their options … Read More

Access Points & Range Extenders – When and Why?

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The Setup If you have followed all our tips in the last article about network security, you may be still finding you network not running to your expectations. With that in mind, I guess a good place to start an article about access points and range extenders would be explaining a situation. James has a network in his office that currently only covers the reception area. He would like it to reach all throughout his offices and especially down the back to the meeting room. So he went down to the local retail store and picked up a few range extenders and set them up himself. He then found that the wireless network had a few different names and that he wasn’t always getting a good connection. He thought – there has to be a solution to works! There is! Introducing Meshing Access Points. Access Points vs Extenders There is … Read More

Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

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Here’s 6 simple tips to ensure your Wireless Network is secure! 1. Change the default name of your home network Also known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). Changing your Wi-Fi’s default name makes it harder for malicious attackers to know what type of router you are using. This is usually a standard setting in most routers that is simple to change. Please note that changing your SSID also will require all devices to reconnect using the new network name and password. If you like a good joke for your Wi-Fi name, here’s a few funny alternatives: The LAN Before Time Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi FBI Surveillance Van Mum, Click here for Internet Help! I’m Trapped in a Router Tell my Wi-Fi I Love Her The Creep Next Door Dial-Up A Wi-Fi Has No Name Every Day I am Buffering Nacho Wireless 2. Set a strong and unique password … Read More