Cloud Backups vs Physical – Cloud vs Physical Round 2


Cloud Backups vs Physical Backups

Last week we looked at some advantages and differences between cloud and physical servers. This week we are looking at backups – cloud backups or physical. We all know we should do them but sometimes it’s hard to find a great solution, so it doesn’t get done at all. Then it’s too late. Keep reading as we look at some simple solutions for the dreaded “I didn’t back up!” situation. Week 2 – Backups Why backup? If you have any data on your computer at all that you don’t want to lose, you should back it up. Some people get very confused and worried when their pc is getting sick because they have “all their child’s baby photos” or “all my business financial data” that has not been backed up. The answer to minimizing stress when it comes to backups, is finding a solution that requires minimal, if not zero, … Read More