Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

Kate SaundersWireless Networking

Here’s 6 simple tips to ensure your Wireless Network is secure! 1. Change the default name of your home network Also known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). Changing your Wi-Fi’s default name makes it harder for malicious attackers to know what type of router you are using. This is usually a standard setting in most routers that is simple to change. Please note that changing your SSID also will require all devices to reconnect using the new network name and password. If you like a good joke for your Wi-Fi name, here’s a few funny alternatives: The LAN Before Time Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi FBI Surveillance Van Mum, Click here for Internet Help! I’m Trapped in a Router Tell my Wi-Fi I Love Her The Creep Next Door Dial-Up A Wi-Fi Has No Name Every Day I am Buffering Nacho Wireless 2. Set a strong and unique password … Read More